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170 lessons are available now. New lessons are released monthly.

In Depth Simulation

SIMVANA's open world design empowers the user with the freedom to make their own decisions. The powerful simulation engine running underneath it all ensures that they encounter realistic consequences for doing so.

Mastery Lessons

An expansive library of learning content puts learners on the fast track to get up to speed on important concepts of the anesthesia machine, pharmacology, and advanced anesthesia concepts.

Get Results Anywhere

SIMVANA is ready when you are. Users can log in at any time and begin learning with a few button clicks. Administrators and Users can log in to our portal to review results from any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SIMVANA for?

SIMVANA is designed for learners to familiarize themselves with the operating room, the anesthesia machine, how to perform a complete machine checkout, pharmacology, and how to handle emergencies related to anesthesia delivery. 

What content does SIMVANA cover?

SIMVANA includes Machine Basics 1-3, which cover the fundamentals of the anesthesia machine in over 150 lessons.  At the end of each section is a challenge phase in which the learner is given a problem to solve taken directly from the lessons. Please look at our complete list of Mastery Lessons.

Where can I purchase SIMVANA?

Purchase Here or Contact Us for more information.

Minimum Hardware Specs


VR Headset

Does SIMVANA Provide the Hardware?

Partners may purchase their own hardware or have SIMVANA bundle the hardware and setup in their purchase.

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