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Learning Content in SIMVANA

SIMVANA users currently have access to over 150 Mastery Lessons, with more being added every month. Below is a list of all the content currently available, or coming soon to SIMVANA.

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Machine Basics 1

Learners are introduced to how the anesthesia machine operates and the specific components of the machine.

CO2 Absorber
CO2 Absorbent Exhaustion
CO2 Rebreathing
Introduction to the CO2 Absorber
Managing CO2 Absorber Exhaustion
Replacing the CO2 Absorber
CO2 Absorber Challenge
Cylinder Gas Supply
Evaluating the Auxiliary Oxygen Cylinder
Evaluating the Spare Oxygen Cylinder
Identifying the Backup Oxygen Cylinder
Identifying the Hanger Yoke Assembly
O2 Cylinder Volume/Time Estimates
Pin Index Safety System
Cylinder Supply Challenge
Pipeline Gas Supply
Diameter Index Safety System
Managing Pipeline Pressure Loss
Pipeline Supply Pressure Gauges
Pipeline Wall Connections
QuickConnect Fitting
Recognizing Pipeline Pressure Loss
Pipeline Gas Supply Challenge
Electrical System
Anesthesia Machine Battery Backup
Auxiliary Circuit Breakers
Auxiliary Electrical Outlets
Hospital Wall Outlets
Line Isolation Monitor
Main Circuit Breaker
Master Power Switch
Electrical System Challenge
Machine Basics 1 Mastery Challenge
Machine Basics 1 Challenge

Machine Basics 2

Circle System

APL Valve
Breathing Bag
How the Circle System Works
Inspiratory & Expiratory Limbs
Inspiratory & Expiratory Valves
Intro to the Circle System
Y-Piece and Elbow Attachment
Circle System Challenge
Gas Delivery System
Fail-Safe Valve
FiO2 and Flowrate Estimations
Gas Outlets
Intro to the Flowmeters
Medical Air Flowmeter
Nitrous Flowmeter & Proportioning System
Oxygen Flowmeter
Oxygen Flush Valve
Gas Delivery System Challenge
Scavenging System
Introduction to the Scavenging System
Scavenger Adjustment
Types of Scavenging Systems
Scavenging System Challenge
Desflurane Vaporizer
Refilling the Vaporizers
Selector Lock Mechanism
Sevoflurane Vaporizer
Vaporizer Cap
Variable Bypass Vaporizers
Vaporizers Challenge
Machine Basics 2 Mastery Challenge
Machine Basics 2 Challenge

Machine Basics 3

Alarm Settings

Introduction to Alarm Settings
Setting Alarms
Alarm Settings Challenge
Low-Pressure Leak Test
Checking the Leak Test Bulb Integrity
Intro to the Low-Pressure Leak Test
Performing the Low-Pressure Leak Test
Low-Pressure Leak Test Challenge
Monitors & Resuscitation Equipment
Manual Resuscitator Check
Monitor Check
Verifying Adequate Suction
Monitors & Resuscitation Equipment Challenge
Oxygen Sensor Calibration
Calibrating the O2 Sensor to 100% Oxygen
Calibrating the O2 Sensor to 21% Oxygen
Intro to Oxygen Sensor Calibration
Oxygen Sensor Challenge
Positive Pressure Check
Intro to the Positive Pressure Check
Performing the Positive Pressure Check
Positive Pressure Check Challenge
Ventilation System & Valve Check
Ventilation System & Valve Check Intro
Ventilation System & Valve Check Challenge
Machine Basics 3 Mastery Challenge
Machine Basics 3 Challenge

Inhaled Anesthetics

Students learn about how the anesthesia machine operates and the specific components of the machine in the first of three machine-focused modules.

Uptake and Distribution
Inspired Concentration
Factors Affecting Inspired Concentration
Alveolar Concentration
FA and FI
BG Partition Coefficient
Tissue Uptake
Tissue Uptake Lab
Alveolar Ventilation
Uptake and Distribution Challenge
Mean Alveolar Concentration
Intro to MAC
MAC Multiples
Factors Affect MAC
MAC Challenge
Nitrous Oxide
Intro to Nitrous Oxide
Cerebral Effects of Nitrous Oxide
Neuromuscular Effects of Nitrous Oxide
Renal Effects of Nitrous Oxide
Diffusion Hypoxia
Nitrous Oxide Challenge
Intro to Sevoflurane
Cardiovascular Effects of Sevoflurane
Respiratory Effects of Sevoflurane
Cerebral Effects of Sevoflurane
Neuromuscular Effects of Sevoflurane
Renal Effects of Sevoflurane
Hepatic Effects of Sevoflurane
Sevoflurane Challenge Phase
Intro to Desflurane
Cardiac Effects of Desflurane part 1
Cardiac Effects of Desflurane part 2
Airway Effects of Desflurane
Cerebral Effects of Desflurane
Neuromuscular Effects of Desflurane
Desflurane Challenge Phase
Inhaled Anesthetics Challenge
Inhaled Anesthetics Challenge

Cardiovascular Drugs

Cardiovascular Drugs

Introduction to Atropine
Cardiovascular Effects of Atropine
Atropine Challenge
Introduction to Ephedrine
Cardiovascular Effects of Ephedrine
Ephedrine Challenge
Introduction to Esmolol
Cardiovascular Effects of Esmolol
Esmolol Challenge
Introduction to Glycopyrrolate
Cardiovascular Effects of Glycopyrrolate
Glycopyrrolate Challenge
Introduction to Phenylephrine
Cardiovascular Effects of Phenylephrine
Cardiovascular Drug Challenge
Cardiovascular Drug Challenge


Manual Ventilation

Introduction to Manual Ventilation
Manual Ventilation of an Intubated Patient
Manual Ventilation via a Mask
APL Flowmeters
Manual Ventilation Challenge
Manually Assisted Ventilation
Introduction to Manually-Assisted Ventilation
Manually-Assisted Ventilation of an Intubated Patient
Manually-Assisted Ventilation via a Mask
Manually-Assisted Ventilation Challenge
Volume-Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
Introduction to Volume-Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
Respiratory Rate and Tidal Volume
I:E Ratio
Volume-Controlled Mechanical Ventilation Challenge

IV Anesthetic & Sedative Drugs

coming June 2023

Introduction to Etomidate
Cardiovascular Effects of Etomidate
Respiratory Effects of Etomidate
Etomidate Challenge
Introduction to Ketamine
Cardiovascular Effects of Ketamine
Neurological and Cerebrovascular Effects of Ketamine
Respiratory Effects of Ketamine
Ketamine Challenge
Introduction to Midazolam
Preoperative Sedation
Midazolam Challenge
Introduction to Propofol
Cardiovascular Effects of Propofol
Pain on Injection
Propofol Induction
Respiratory Effects of Propofol
Propofol Challenge
IV Anesthetic and Sedative Challenge
IV Anesthetic and Sedative Challenge

Opioid Agonist

coming August 2023

Introduction to Fentanyl
Analgesic Effects of Fentanyl
Respiratory Effects of Fentanyl
Fentanyl Challenge
Introduction to Morphine
Analgesic Effects of Morphine
Cardiovascular & Respiratory Effects of Morphine
Morphine Challenge
Introduction to Sufentanil
Analgesic Effects of Sufentanil
Respiratory Effects of Sufentanil
Sufentanil Challenge
Opioid Agonist Challenge
Opioid Agonist Master Challenge

Neuromuscular Blockades

coming October 2023

Introduction to Cisatracurium
Neuromuscular Blockade w/ Cisatracurium
Cisatracurium Challenge
Introduction to Rocuronium
Neuromuscular Blockade w/ Rocuronium
Rocuronium Challenge
Introduction to Succinylcholine
Defasciculation with Rocuronium
Neuromuscular Blockade w/ Succinylcholine
Succinylcholine Challenge
Introduction to Vecuronium
Neuromuscular Blockade w/ Vecuronium
Vecuronium Challenge
Neuromuscular Blockade Challenge
Neuromuscular Blockade Challenge

NMB Reversal Agents

coming December 2023

Introduction to Neostigmine
Reversing an NMB Blockade with Neostigmine
Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring
Neostigmine Challenge
Introduction to Neuromuscular Monitoring
Posttetanic Count
Train of Four Monitoring
Neuromuscular Monitoring Challenge
Introduction to Sugammadex
Reversing an NMB Blockade with Sugammadex
Sugammadex Challenge
NMB Reversal Challenge
NMB Reversal Challenge