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SIMVANA revolutionizes anesthesia education with a VR-based platform that combines immersive Mastery Lessons, realistic Simulations, and life-like functionality. Designed for both novice and advanced learners, it offers an engaging environment where users can master anesthesia fundamentals and tackle complex scenarios with real-world consequences, at any time, anywhere.

Dive into a learning experience where cutting-edge technology meets hands-on practice, preparing you for the challenges of the operating room with confidence.

Mastery Lessons

Learning the foundations of any subject is the most critical part of any learner's education. SIMVANA's mastery lessons integrate into the existing simulation, creating an immersive learning environment. Learners are taught the basics through videos, quizzes, and interactive scenarios in the operating room environment.


Simulations offer instant access from any location (home or Sim Lab) to a variety of scenarios enriched with randomized events.

Learners can now test their knowledge through a set of simulated life-like scenarios. Start with basic Machine Checkout and Intubation simulations, and graduate to more complex cases where learners must identify and resolve issues in real time.

Patient Physiology

SIMVANA models the physiologic responses to anesthesia and user interaction based on data from peer-reviewed research so that the patient can respond accurately and autonomously.

Life like functionality

SIMVANA does not rely on scripted scenarios or decision trees for functionality. Our developers use 'open-world' concepts of video games to create components that respond to users realistically. Complex simulations emerge that mimic a real-world environment. Users can make independent decisions but encounter the consequences of doing so. This decreases the anxiety before stepping into the OR. 

User Portal

SIMVANA has been designed from the ground up to support asynchronous learning. Learners can run through content and practice different scenarios without an instructor. At the end of each lesson, learners, instructors, or administrators can view the progress of mastery lessons completed.

Evolve your anesthesia training today!