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SIMVANA July 2024 Update

July 2024 Update

July's update of SIMVANA comes with some highly anticipated simulations, new features and more! This update is rolling out July 9th, 2024. Keep reading to find out what is in this latest update!

Malignant Hyperthermia simulations and more!

The SIMVANA 2.6 update includes three new simulations to our learning content library!

Malignant Hyperthermia

Malignant Hyperthermia is a deadly issue that all anesthesia providers need to be prepared to handle. Our new malignant hyperthermia simulation walks you through the steps to identify and resolve malignant hypethermia.

Emergence Simulations

Our endotracheal and supraglottic ariway emergence simulations allow users to experience the tail end of a typical case and bring the patient back to consciousness.


Non-Playable Character Conversations

Our surgeon and nurse non-playable characters now talk during some simulations! Some of our advanced simulations require more than one set of hands. You can converse with the NPCs to give specific commands during our simulations to resolve complex issues you encounter.



Updated Simulation menu

Our growing library of simulations has required us to expand how we display our simulations in SIMVANA. You can browse simulations by different modules and categories.



Settings now found in pause menu

You can now easily change settings while in the operating room. Hit the pause button on your controller and you can access the settings menu. From here you can make changes without exiting the operating room.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also been busy fixing bugs that have popped up from user reports. We thank you all for reporting issues so we can get them fixed for everyone in a timely manner!

  • Users can now seal mask on patient
  • Made minor tweaks to existing lessons and simulations to make instructions more clear
  • Updated simulation of lung volume when patient coughs
  • Fixed collision issue with syringe tray and mayo stands
  • Fixed issue where users is launched into air when pausing simulations in rare occasions
  • and more…