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SIMVANA April 2024 Update

April 2024 Update

SIMVANA's April 2024 update brings new Airway Management learning content and features focused on improving the simulation experience for users. This update is going live on April 12th! Check out the details of the release below.


NEW Airway Management Lessons

This release brings 3 new lessons focusing on airway management. These lessons cover Endotracheal Intubation, Rapid Sequence Intubation, and Supraglottic Airway Placement. Each lessons covers where each procedure is used, and then walks through the lesson a step at a time through a series of interactive objectives. Check out an walk through of one of the new lessons below:


Simulation Updates and Additions

This release of SIMVANA brings updates and additions to our simulations. Our existing Endotracheal Intubation, Rapid Sequence Intubation, and Supraglottic Airway placement sims have been updated to be more open ended and in line with our other simulations. 

We’ve also added a new Induction Complications simulation that give users an extra challenge of identifying and resolving issues in the OR while intubating a patient.

Lastly, we’ve added more variations to our Worst Break Ever simulation to increase keep people on their toes in SIMVANA’s most difficult simulation.

Custom Lesson Planning

Instructors and Program Directors can now create custom lesson plans for their students using SIMVANA! Custom lesson plans show up directly in the headset, and allow instructors to create their own set of lessons to complete. Lesson plans can be customized for each cohort.

Reach out to our business development team to create your own lesson plan for your students!


Other Updates

In addition to our new learning content and custom lesson plans. This update of SIMVANA includes many smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • Surgeon and Scrub Nurse avatars now animate to bring more life to the OR
  • All video and image media displayed in the learning content is loaded locally. This greately reduces the amount of bandwidth needed for an optimal SIMVANA experience.
  • Improvements to the patient physiology simulation allow for more realistic responses to a wider variety of user actions
  • Patient breathing simulation has been updated to handle a wider variety of user actions.