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SIMVANA November 2022 Release

SIMVANA is getting an update this week that includes new mastery lessons and features. Check out the video and article below to find out what's new in SIMVANA.


New content and features will be available by November 14th. Your SIMVANA launcher will prompt you to download the update when it is live.

Ready to try the new features for yourself?

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New Mastery Lessons

This release of SIMVANA includes 10 new mastery lessons covering Uptake & Distribution of Inhaled anesthetics.

Topics include:

  • Alveolar Concentration and Ventilation
  • Blood-Gas Partition Coefficient
  • Inspired Concentration
  • Overpressurization
  • Tissue Uptake

This set of 10 lessons is the first release of several that cover Inhaled Anesthetics. Future releases will come monthly starting in December, through early 2023.


Patient Physiology Panel


The patient physiology panel can be found in mastery lessons. This panel displays real-time metrics of the patient's physiology that are typically difficult if not impossible to measure in a real world operating room.

These metrics give students insight into how a patient’s physiology responds to their actions. Resulting in a better understanding of both what to do and why.


Spontaneous Breathing


Students can learn to properly learn to assist ventilation with a spontaneously breathing patient. Patients will accurately respond to mistimed breathing bag interactions.

Spontaneous breathing is available in mastery lessons and in a dedicated new free play scenario.


Other Updates

In addition to the new content and features listed above, this version of SIMVANA brings many bug fixes and minor quality of life improvements for users.

Limits on Patient Vitals - A scenario will end if the patient's vitals exceed safe limits.

Enhanced user progression logging - SIMVANA will capture more detailed logs of user activity. Logs and user metrics will be viewable at mid 2023.

Performance improvements - Several improvements have been made to SIMVANA's rendering system to run more efficiently on all customer hardware.