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SIMVANA Summer 2023 Update

A new SIMVANA update is upon us! On June 26th, a new SIMVANA update will begin rolling out. This update includes a new main menu, easier anesthesia circuit handling, a major engine update and more!

This update includes many back-end and structural changes that open the door for more exciting updates coming soon.

On June 26th from 10am to noon, SIMVANA will be unavailable as we update the servers in support of the new release. Once the update is completed, SIMVANA users will be prompted to update to the new version when they login. If you have any questions or concerns about the update, please contact us at

Continue reading for a summary of features in this update.



New Menu Experience

We have updated SIMVANA's main menu design to make it more user-friendly and easily accessible. Our new menu system ensures that users can quickly find and access any lesson they need, allowing for a smoother and more efficient learning experience.



Updated Anesthesia Circuit

We took some time during this development cycle to overhaul the anesthesia circuit and breathing mask. Users should find it much easier to interact with the anesthesia circuit and breathing mask during mastery lesson. This update has also opened the door to more advanced functionality coming later this year. Keep an eye out for intubation lessons later this year!



Unreal Engine Update

This release includes a major update to Unreal Engine, the framework SIMVANA is built on. This update includes numerous graphics and physics updates. Users should notice improvements in graphical fidelity as well as better performance while using SIMVANA.



Bug Fixes

Ventilation lesson fixes - We made some changes to the ventilation lessons to prevent users from accidentally completing objectives if the user coughs while the user is using the breathing bag.

Updated patient response to intravenous drugs - We made some tweaks to the patient's physiological response to intravenous drugs. The patient should react more realistically to Ephedrine and Etomidate.