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SIMVANA March 2023 Release

The March 2023 release of SIMVANA is one of the largest feature-filled releases since launch! This release focuses on pharmacology simulation and learning content.


Want to try these new features yourself? Schedule a demo, and we can send your institution a free demo-kit to try out SIMVANA!


48 Pharmacology Mastery Lessons

This release comes with 48 pharamacology lessons that covers inhaled anesthetics, as well as cardiac and anticholinergic drugs. Lessons cover drug basics, when they are used, and a short challenge scenario to let the user administer the drugs to bring patient vitals back to normal.

List of mastery lessons in SIMVANA 1.6


Drug Administration

The operating room now includes a stock medicine cart with an assortment of drug syringes. Users can select drugs and administer them to the patient via the IV line. SIMVANA's advanced physiology simulator will accurately respond to administered drugs.

Screenshot of SIMVANA's medicine cart and syringe


New Operating Room Tools

The operating room is now equipped with a few new tools for SIMVANA users. Reach into the wrist pocket and pull out the new stethoscope. Users can hear the patient's heartbeat when placing the stethoscope on the patient's chest.

A nerve stimulator is available on the counter of the anesthesia machine. Users can pick up the stimulator and attach it to the patient's face or wrist and observe accurate patient responses to 4 different nerve stimulator tests.

Screenshots of stethescope and nerve stimulator in SIMVANA's operating room


Patient Vitals Chart

The new patient vitals chart tab on the tablet automatically tracks the patient's vitals throughout the simulation (thankfully you don't have to fill it out yourself).

Screenshot of SIMVANA's patient vitals chart


Conscious Patient Freeplay Mode

You can now practice an induction sequence with SIMVANA's new conscious patient freeplay mode. Users can put a patient to sleep with inhaled anesthetics. 

Screenshot of SIMVANA's conscious patient freeplay mode


We hope you like the new features in this release of SIMVANA. Keep an eye out for new pharmacology content throughout 2023!